Aversion Technologies, Inc.

Protecting People, Pets and Plants


Aversives and repellents

Aversion Technologies offers naturally occurring compounds and synthetic chemicals to companies around the world. These specialty chemicals are added to products making them unpalatable to humans and animals. This is a very effective way of protecting children and pets from consuming dangerous goods (antifreeze and household cleaners). Typically, exposure to aversives results in future avoidance. This behavior modification leads to long-term protection of people, pets and plants.

Chief among our products are the naturally occurring bitterants colocynth and andrographolide, the synthetic bitterants denatonium benzoate and denatonium saccharide; the naturally hot and spicy capsaicin derived from hot peppers and nonivamide, its synthetic analogue. Kosher capsaicin is available on request.

Repela™ is a unique solution for deterring animals from chewing plastic materials, such as electric and fiber optic cables, or plastic pipes. Repela is currently available in four carriers: microcrystalline wax, polyethylene, propylene glycol, and polyvinyl chloride. We will soon be releasing an LDPE version and other masterbatch carriers will follow. Typical concentrations of active ingredients range from 25% to 50%, and are custom blended to meet our customer's specific needs.

Any of our herbs and chemicals can be used as an additive, rendering a product inedible, and thereby, safe. Denatonium benzoate is commonly used as an additive in antifreeze and household cleaners to prevent consumption, and synthetic capsaicin (nonivamide) is used in pepper sprays.