Aversion Technologies, Inc.

Protecting People, Pets and Plants


about aversion technologies

Protect people and pets by changing their behavior and without causing any harm? What a great idea!

Living on planet Earth with millions of other species creates all sorts of frictions. We want our pets protected; we want our crops protected; we want our loved ones and ourselves protected. But protection can often mean harm. Sometimes it means vigilance, or inconvenience, or inaccessibility. But we think the best way to achieve protection is through behavior modification. Make dangerous liquids unattractive to children and pets, make pests choose to not eat ornamental plants, make rodents choose to not chew on wires.

This concept of harmless protection became the philosophy, the animating idea, behind Aversion Technologies. Founded in 2005, we are the only company in the world that exclusively offers products to modify behavior, thereby providing protection through avoidance. We believe that behavioral change can be accomplished through conditioning in the form of distasteful - but harmless - consequences. We have found that it rarely takes more that one or two encounters with our products to cause an avoidance reaction in the future. We aspire to provide protection for people, pets and plants through the addition of these harmless substances to potentially dangerous products.

Why cause harm when the desired goal can be achieved harmlessly?